Saturday, April 19, 2014


Erotigacha is an adult gacha fair sponsored by Hard Alley, running from April 18 to May 3, 2014. It is an adult themed gacha, so if you're faint of heart, this might not be the event for you!

I'm showing you a couple of the gacha items from the event, from .::Pink Sugah::. and [QE] Designs.
Pink Sugah's gacha is called Science Slut and features half shirts with science stuff on them and comes with appliers for your boobies! The one show is the chemical equation for silicone. (haha)

QE Designs has Ho Bags!  These bags feature fun adult theme items and come in different variations and colors. These make great props!

Here's your taxi to Erotigacha!  Remember it's on an adult sim!

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