Sunday, October 7, 2012

LAQ Decor


Hey guys! It's Sunday and the weekend is coming to an end. I feel lazy today. What better way to spend the day then lounging on a comfy couch.  I decided to share with you my favorite couch,  the LAQ Decor Couch Set.  One word, FANTASTIC. This set is mesh so you'll need a mesh compatible viewer.  One of the perks of this set being mesh is that the entire set is only 9 prims. That's right, 9 prims. So for those of you looking for a low prim option this is differently something to check out.  At 749L, this is a great deal.

The set comes in 10 colors, and the pillows change to different colors/patterns. In the picture I've shown the blue stripped option.  There's a ton of combinations, you're sure to find something that suits your style. The coffee table also has color options to change the wood color.
LAQ Decor also has mesh houses, which are super cute and highly detailed.
You can visit the store in world LAQ Decor or find their store on marketplace LAQ Decor on Marketplace.

Happy shopping!

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